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Who is Riluxa?

Riluxa – specialists in custom manufacturing of bathroom furniture and sellers of Corian® brand products. Corian® was invented and produced by the Dupont ™ Group in 1967. Its products have a solid surface that offers great design possibilities and excellent performance for many years. The objective of Riluxa is to use first quality materials and high quality, to offer customers a range of products to create a unique bathroom. Their daily collaborations with many architects allow them to be attentive, provide technical answers and also guide them in the best options of products and materials. Its workshop is part of the Industrial Quality Network, which guarantees the supply of the authentic Corian® product and a 10-years guarantee.

Why has Magento been used?

Choosing an Open Source e-commerce tool, first we have analysed the needs and expectations of the client. We have also taken in the mind the volume of its business. Magento uses the MySQL/MariaDB relational database system, the PHP programming language, and Zend Framework elements. It also applies the practices of object-oriented programming and the model-view-controller architecture. In the same way it uses the entity-attribute-value model to store the data.

What work have we done?

Design and layout

The company sales interior design products and it is very important to transmit it on its website. In this way, our Magento designers have created a clean, elegant and quality looking design. Following with the layout work, it was done by our Gsoft programmers.

Programming, installation and configuration of the server

Likewise, the programming work of the website have been delegated to our programmers. They have been responsible for the installation, configuration of e-commerce and the programming of the new functionalities of the project. In this case, we have integrated a customized module for personalization of products, related to bathrooms. This module allows you to generate goods with complex pricing rules based on measurements and combinations between attributes, as well as to customize the user experience in the front, generating wizards to personalize a product.